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For safely cleaning components, one product soars above all others

Why Many Consider Blue to be Gold






MC Spray & Wipe

A ready-to-use Industrial strength cleaner for benchwork applications. Just Spray & Wipe!

Many Industrial and Commercial business need a ready-to-use spray application cleaner that is safe, economical and versatile enough to perform a wide array of cleaning/degreasing needs on a variety of surfaces. Our customers have told us that having a consistently high quality product that meets their standards is critical.


Compressed Gas & Oxygen Cleaning

Tested by CGA and NASA for cleaning efficiency and compatibility, Blue Gold safely cleans oxygen tanks, valves, gauges, lines, and pipes.

Because it is so effective, Blue Gold is also recommended for cleaning scuba tanks and regulators by PADI, ANDI and Aqua Lung. Oxygen tanks also may have traces of other soaps, detergents, solvents and cleaning solutions, especially those that contain organic compounds. Blue Gold is effective in removing such contaminants, yielding a remarkably clean surface.


Cleaning is an essential first step in achieving effective infection control. Since contaminants are the primary nutrient source for bacteria, if not eliminated during the cleaning process they will remain after the sterilization process, allowing bacteria to grow. Although sterilization destroys bacteria and viruses, no amount of sterilization can prevent bacteria from growing if residual contamination remains. Blue Ribbon is the solution to meet the critical cleaning requirements for the effective infection control. Read more...

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