An independent lab tested several strips of aluminum that conform to military QQ-A-250 aluminum. They were cleaned with a 5% solution of Blue Gold at 95F for 30, 60 and 90 minutes. Microscopic examination found no corrosion. Also Blue Gold is used extensively in the aircraft/aviation industry with many aluminum and aluminum alloys parts that need cleaning.

Blue Gold has been tested to ARP 1755 with results proving it safe to use on ferrous and nonferrous metals. It has been tested safe on unpainted and painted surfaces and plastics to AMS 1530 spec. In a United Air Lines Interior Cleaning test it had no adverse effects on natural rubber, silicone rubber, electric wiring insulation, neoprene, leather, vinyl, plastics, naugahyde, kydex, polypropylene, polyplastex or wool, nylon or acrylic carpet.

While OSHA indicates that anything with higher than 12.5 pH is caustic it also allows for you to test to disprove this assumption. Caustics "eat or burn away tissue" and are corrosive. CFR29 section 1910.1200 appendix A defines corrosive as "a chemical that causes visible destruction or irreversible alterations in living tissue by chemical action". Independent lab tests on rats mice and rabbits for inhalation, ingestion and skin abrasion indicate no "visible destruction or irreversible alterations" to the tissue. Caustics also make the contamination they are removing a part of the solution, unlike Blue Gold which holds the contaminates in temporary suspension while the solution is heated and agitated. Upon removal of the agitation, Blue Gold releases the oils and greases( except for those that are water soluble) and allows them to rise to the surface. Here they may be easily removed via skimmers or oil absorbent sheets allowing you to extend the bath life of your Blue Gold solution.

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