MC Spray & Wipe

MC Spray & Wipe

A ready-to-use Industrial strength cleaner for benchwork applications. Just Spray & Wipe!

Many Industrial and Commercial business need a ready-to-use spray application cleaner that is safe, economical and versatile enough to perform a wide array of cleaning/degreasing needs on a variety of surfaces. Our customers have told us that having a consistently high quality product that meets their standards is critical.

MC Spray and Wipe Is the Answer

Some the best-known ready-to-use "Windex ®" type cleaning products available for the retail/home market use are made in a variety of locations. In some cases this makes it difficult to maintain the consistency and quality necessary for the critical industrial and commercial needs. Many of the "home market" products do not have the proper testing and approvals.

Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Physical State: Liquid
Color: Blue
Odor: Floral
Solubility in water: Complete
Spec. Gravity (H2O=1.0) 0.98
pH 8.2
Freezing Point: N/A
Flash Point: 170ºF
Vapor Pressure: N/A

MC Spray & Wipe is made at only one location with strict quality control guidelines. This is done to assure that each batch of MC Spray & Wipe is consistent and of the highest quality. MC Spray & Wipe is sold in cases of twelve quarts with three separate spray heads in each case.

MC Spray & Wipe:

  • has been tested to Pratt & Whitney's spec. - PWA 36604. In these tests, MC Spray & Wipe was tested on titanium alloys (AMS 4911 and 4916) as well as magnesium, aluminum, 4030 steel and several other alloys. MC Spray & Wipe has been approved for wiping applications in SPOP 1 and 209 where SPMC 148 is specified and been designated as SPMC 148-4.
  • has been tested for hot corrosion and stress corrosion per ASTM F945-98.
  • can be used on windows, doors, laminated surfaces, painted surfaces, porcelain, tile, fiberglass, chrome and other metal surfaces. MC Spray & Wipe can be used on any hard surface and also cleans glass and windows without streaking while leaving a pleasant light floral fragrance.

Glass Cleaning: In addition to MC Spray & Wipe's ability to safely and effectively clean metal surfaces, it also cleans glass, windows, and mirrors without leaving streaks.

For best results, spray MC Spray & Wipe on the surface, wipe clean and polish dry. We recommend that you use a clean lint free towel or cloth.

MC Spray & Wipe is another quality product in the Blue Gold family sold exclusively by Modern Chemical, Inc. and its authorized distributors and has a suggested shelf life of two years.

All ingredients in MC Spray & Wipe appear on the TSCA inventory list. There are no ingredients subject to Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act of 1986 or in 40 CFR 372.

Copies of the various tests are available upon request.