Usage Application Dilution Rinsed Dried
Air Filter Bodies Spray Washer 25 to 1 Yes Yes (Hot Air)
Chassis N/A 20 to 1 N/A N/A
Fuel & Water Pump Parts Conveyor Spray System & Tumble Type Washer N/A Yes Yes (blow)
Note: Also use 500 gal. & 1500 gal. spraywashers. Parts go through auger type washer and are rinsed and blown dry. Five to 10 gallons of concentrate per day added to refurbish tank.
Manifolds Dip Tank 20 to 1 No Yes (drip)
Note: Parts are submerged and washed for 30 minutes
Tire Mounting Hand Wiping 40 to 1 No No
Note: Used to put around the edge of the tire to create a better seal.