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Blue Gold is not corrosive, flammable or toxic (either through vapor inhalation, skin contact or ingestion). All ingredients in Blue Gold are on the TSCA inventory list and Blue Gold has no B.O.D. (biological oxygen demand) and very low V.O.C. (volatile organic compound is .5% in a .5% solution).


Blue Gold is highly concentrated and can be used at various dilution ratios based on the amount of contamination, saving you from unnecessary waste. Blue Gold has an extended shelf life and at the recommended dilution ratio of 5% is about 44 cents per use gallon. In performance tests Blue Gold's tank life was four times greater than the products it was tested against.

Blue Gold helps to keep the equipment clean and corrosion free, eliminating lime and particle build-up on heating coils. Since Blue Gold does not react with the oils it removes, the product can be recycled again and again through filtration systems with little or no loss in efficiency. Blue Gold disperses oils so there is no sludge build-up. When the agitation system is turned off, oils rise to the surface and can be easily removed, while particulate matter settles to the bottom leaving the solution clean and virtually new.


The manufacturers of Blue Gold, who have been making it for over 25 years, have an excellent quality control program to insure each batch made meets the highest quality standards. Blue Gold has been tested to many AMS, ARP, ASTM and company specs. Blue Gold outperforms most caustics, chemicals and solvents, even at reduced operating temperatures, as proven by the Federal Standard Cleaning Test.


Blue Gold can be used in a variety of application methods and is safe for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, does not harm painted surfaces, natural rubber, electric wiring insulation, leather, carpet, silicon rubber, neoprene or polypropylene.

Heated Dip Tanks

Blue Gold should be used at a 1 part BGIC to 20 parts water concentration and heated to 140 degrees F. Blue Gold can replace chlorinated hydrocarbons in vapor degreaser tanks with minor modifications. Vapor tanks can be easily and economically converted to a submersion system with the addition of a source of agitation. It is recommended that 60% of the tank volume per minute be moved in order to provide the best agitation. Air agitation is NOT recommended.


Blue Gold in a 5% concentration is a perfect cleaner to use in ultrasonic tanks. The tank should be heated to 140 degrees F. Parts washed in Blue Gold and thoroughly dried are protected from surface rusting for approximately 7 to 15 days. These parts can then be painted, welded or bonded with no further treatment.

High Pressure Sprayers & Steam Cleaners

Blue Gold is ideal for high pressure and steam cleaning applications. It keeps every part of the system clean and free of corrosion, thus reducing maintenance and down time. In application tests, it has been shown that the higher the pressure the lighter the concentration needed for effective cleaning. The following is a suggestion on various concentrations based on the pressure (psi).

150-300 PSI Cold 1-50
  100 deg. F.- 130 deg. F. 1-100
500-800 PSI Cold 1-100
  100 deg. F-130 deg. F. 1-250
1000 PSI Cold 1-200
  100 deg. F.- 130 deg. F. 1-400

Spray washers

See Blue Gold Spray Wash for detailed information.

Hand wiping

Blue Gold is safe enough to use in hand wiping applications. We suggest however, if prolonged use is necessary that you use gloves as the Blue Gold will take the oils out of your hands. (Most of the compressed gas applications and oxygen related cleaning applications are accomplished with hand wiping.)

Now Approved by the NSF International

Product Designation Registration Number Category Code Document
Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner 158738 A1, A4, A8 View PDF
A1 - Compounds for use as a general cleaner.
A4 - Floor and wall cleaners for use in all departments
A8 - Degreasers or carbon removers for food cooking or smoking equipment, utensils, or other associated surfaces.

Blue Gold Spray Wash

When foaming from your cleaner is a concern or for applications utilizing enclosed spray wash cabinets, Blue Gold Spray Wash (BGSW) is your answer. While Blue Gold Spray Wash has many of the characteristics of Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner (BGIC), the major change is in its low-to-no foaming property. One of the surfactants in BGIC was changed to eliminate foaming, making Blue Gold Spray Wash the perfect choice to use in "closed loop" applications.

Blue Gold Spray Wash will not foam at temperatures of 120 deg.F. or above and will inhibit foam formation from soils. Blue Gold Spray Wash does not emulsify and after standing without agitation for several hours the oils and greases are allowed to rise to the surface where they can be skimmed off and the particulate material will go to the bottom. (A larger percentage in the contaminants will rise to the surface if the heat if also removed.) In addition to removal of much of the contaminants, this also helps keep the bath clean thereby extending the life of the solution.

Blue Gold Spray Wash is composed of non-ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, inorganic builders synthetic detergents, and a glycol ether solvent. All ingredients of Blue Gold Spray Wash appear on the list prepared by the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency TSC Act PL94-469). Blue Gold is 99.3% phosphate free and is not formulated with any of the chemicals listed in 40 CFR 261.

Blue Gold Spray Wash contains absolutely NO silicone defoamers and is completely free-rinsing, which is essential for any post cleaning operation such as painting or phosphatizing. It does not contain any metal or metal compounds, no halogenated hydrocarbons, no chlorinated hydrocarbons, no aromatic carbon compounds and no amines or nitrates.

Blue Gold Spray Wash is highly concentrated and in most applications with good psi, a 2% solution is satisfactory ( 2 gals. BGSW to 100 gals. water). For heavy soil, a 4% solution will be sufficient to clean. Also the better the agitation (psi) the better the cleaning efficiency.

Many tests have been done with Blue Gold Spray Wash. ARP 1755, which tests various metals and ASTM F495 are just two such tests. Copies of these and other tests are available upon request.

Product Code- BGSW Container sizes- 5 gal. plastic pails or 55 gal. plastic drum.

Now Approved by the NSF International

Product Designation Registration Number Category Code Document
Blue Gold Spray Wash Cleaner 158739 A1, A4, A8 View PDF
A1 - Compounds for use as a general cleaner.
A4 - Floor and wall cleaners for use in all departments
A8 - Degreasers or carbon removers for food cooking or smoking equipment, utensils, or other associated surfaces.

MC Spray & Wipe

A ready-to-use Industrial strength cleaner for benchwork applications. Just Spray & Wipe!

Many Industrial and Commercial business need a ready-to-use spray application cleaner that is safe, economical and versatile enough to perform a wide array of cleaning/degreasing needs on a variety of surfaces. Our customers have told us that having a consistently high quality product that meets their standards is critical.

MC Spray and Wipe Is the Answer

Some the best-known ready-to-use "Windex ®" type cleaning products available for the retail/home market use are made in a variety of locations. In some cases this makes it difficult to maintain the consistency and quality necessary for the critical industrial and commercial needs. Many of the "home market" products do not have the proper testing and approvals.

Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Physical State: Liquid
Color: Blue
Odor: Floral
Solubility in water: Complete
Spec. Gravity (H2O=1.0) 0.98
pH 8.2
Freezing Point: N/A
Flash Point: 170ºF
Vapor Pressure: N/A

MC Spray & Wipe is made at only one location with strict quality control guidelines. This is done to assure that each batch of MC Spray & Wipe is consistent and of the highest quality. MC Spray & Wipe is sold in cases of twelve quarts with three separate spray heads in each case.

MC Spray & Wipe has been tested to Pratt & Whitney's spec. - PWA 36604. In these tests, MC Spray & Wipe was tested on titanium alloys (AMS 4911 and 4916) as well as magnesium, aluminum, 4030 steel and several other alloys. MC Spray & Wipe has been approved for wiping applications in SPOP 1 and 209 where SPMC 148 is specified and been designated as SPMC 148-4.

MC Spray & Wipe has been tested for hot corrosion and stress corrosion per ASTM F945-98.

MC Spray & Wipe can be used on windows, doors, laminated surfaces, painted surfaces, porcelain, tile, fiberglass, chrome and other metal surfaces. MC Spray & Wipe can be used on any hard surface and also cleans glass and windows without streaking while leaving a pleasant light floral fragrance.

Glass Cleaning: In addition to MC Spray & Wipe's ability to safely and effectively clean metal surfaces, it also cleans glass, windows, and mirrors without leaving streaks.

For best results, spray MC Spray & Wipe on the surface, wipe clean and polish dry. We recommend that you use a clean lint free towel or cloth.

MC Spray & Wipe is another quality product in the Blue Gold family sold exclusively by Modern Chemical, Inc. and its authorized distributors and has a suggested shelf life of two years.

All ingredients in MC Spray & Wipe appear on the TSCA inventory list. There are no ingredients subject to Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act of 1986 or in 40 CFR 372.

Copies of the various tests are available upon request.

Blue Ribbon (Dental Cleaner)

Cleaning is an essential first step in achieving effective infection control. Since contaminants are the primary nutrient source for bacteria, if not eliminated during the cleaning process they will remain after the sterilization process, allowing bacteria to grow. Although sterilization destroys bacteria and viruses, no amount of sterilization can prevent bacteria from growing if residual contamination remains. Blue Ribbon is the solution to meet the critical cleaning requirements for the effective infection control.

  • Chosen by the Leading Dental Research Institution This renowned institution's purpose is: "To identify the outstanding products, techniques, and equipment for delivery of oral care through laboratory and clinical research."
  • Chosen for publication as a Noteworthy Product in their well-known newsletter, based on exceptional results from field tests performed by 24 dental offices, controlled clinical tests and basic science tests.
  • The ONLY ultrasonic cleaning solution to receive a favorable evaluation, in their 18-year history! *See January, 1994 Newsletter (Volume 18 - Issue 1) or contact Modern Chemical, Inc. for more information.

A Superior Value

Because Blue Ribbon is more concentrated than most ultrasonic cleaning solutions (1:20 instead of the more common 1:10it costs much less to use. Blue Ribbon's outstanding value becomes obvious when the cost per use gallon is compared.

Biosonic $17.85/Pt 1:63 8 Gallons $2.23
L & R Ultrasonic $22.50/Gal 1:10 11 Gallons $2.04
Patterson Centra $21.95/Gal 1:10 11 Gallons $1.99
VK-1 $16.95/Gal 1:10 11 Gallons $1.54
Schein-Ultrasonic L $14.25/Gal 1:10 11 Gallons $1.30
Blue Ribbon $21.95/Gal 1:20 21 Gallons $1.04

Proven Safe!

  • Meets safety requirements of OSHA: non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, and does not require any special handling or ventilation.
  • Meets safety requirements of the EPA: biodegradable (99.3% phosphate-free) non-polluting does not require special disposal. Does not contain any chemical listed in the EPA's 40 CFR 261.
  • Proven non-toxic in standard safety lab tests for InhalationIngestion and Dermal Exposure*

A Superior Solution!

  • Premium quality, highly concentrated blue liquid, which has a slight peppermint scent and is pleasant to use.
  • Surfactant cleaning action penetrates, lifts off, and disperses contaminants, which reduce the opportunity for contaminants to be redeposited on instrument surfaces. Because these substances are not dissolved into the solution, the solution retains its cleaning potency and is not weakened as the contamination in the tank increases.
  • Non-corrosive and is safe and effective on all metals, plastics, glass and other hard surfaces. Blue Ribbon's non-corrosive nature makes it ideal for presoaking and for cleaning sensitive instruments, such as burs and handpieces.
  • Versatile: removes temporary cements, films and other stubborn contamination and is effective for general office cleaning.
  • Free-rinsing, leaving no residue and reduced spotting on mirrors and glass.
  • Contains an effective rust-inhibitor which protects instruments for up to two weeks.
  • Has an extended shelf life in both concentrated and diluted forms, and is not effected by variances in temperature.


Typical Properties

Color: Dark Blue
Odor: Peppermint
Total Solids: 13.0%
pH (5% Solution): 12.1
pH (1% Solution): 11.1
Hard Water Performance: 2/50 (500 ppm CaC03)
Flash Point: >212F ASTM D56-70
Cloud Point: Above 140°F
Stability: 40°F Stable / 140°F Stable
Freeze-Thaw: Reversible on stirring
Density: 8.9 lbs. / Gal at 70F
Wetting Time (4% Solution): 10.6 Seconds
Wetting Time (1% Solution): 65 Seconds
Surface Tension (4% Solution): 35.0 dynes / cm
Surface Tension (1% Solution): 45.6 dynes / cm
Total Alkalinity as NA20: 1.91%
Total Phosphates as P: 0.7% (0.035%-5% Sol.)
Total Carbonates / Bicarbonates as C02: None
Total Sulfates as S04: None
Total Borates as B203: None
Phenolic Materials: None
Chromates / Bichromates: None
Nitrites: None

Blue Ribbon is composed of:

Non-ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, inorganic builders (limited to 0.76% Phosphorus as P), synthetic detergents, and a glycol ether solvent (0.45%, in a 5% solution). All chemical ingredients appear on the list prepared by the administrator of the EPA (TSC Act PL94-469)

Blue Ribbon does not contain:

Metal or metal compounds, halogenated hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, aromatic carbon compounds, amines, nitrates, or any chemicals listed in the EPA's 40CFR 261

*Test copies are available on request.

To order Blue Ribbon Ultrasonic Cleaning Concentrate Call 1-800-597-BLUE, or contact us.

Blue Ribbon Concentrate is priced at $21.95 per gallon, and may be purchased in 1, 2 or 4 gallon quantities. When you place an order of 4 gallons (1 case), you will receive a 10% discount. Thank you for choosing Blue Ribbon!