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Interior & Exterior Cleaning Products For Aerospace

Our Blue Gold products have been integral to cleaning processes in the Aerospace & Defense industry for the past 50 years!

Blue Gold is a trusted solution for cleaning aircraft exterior and interior surfaces, gas turbine engines, overhauled engine and aircraft parts, titanium components, and missile systems. Its versatility extends to various applications in Aerospace and Missile cleaning, including agitated/heated dip tanks, large industrial spray cabinets, spray washing/foaming/streaming, and hand wiping.

BLUE GOLD's proven safety with metals and its remarkable cleaning efficiency have solidified its significant role in the aerospace industry. Among the aerospace industry leaders who have tested and approved our interior and exterior cleaning products are Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell Engines, Raytheon, NASA, GE Engines, Bell Helicopter, and many more!

What Type of Aerospace Interior & Exterior Cleaning Products Do Businesses Need?

Some aerospace companies approach cleaning by purchasing different products for every surface, such as separate cleaners for windows, seats, and restrooms. This approach is costly and time-consuming.

With several surfactants, Blue Gold lifts dirt and makes soils and spills easy to clean. Our aerospace interior cleaning products are compatible with spray washers, hand cleaning, carpet machines, and other cleaning methods.

Blue Gold is a better solution. 

Our aerospace exterior cleaning product provides excellent cleaning performance and doesn’t leave behind any residue. Aerospace businesses can use the same multipurpose cleaner for virtually all cleaning applications:

  • Stainless steel, chrome, aluminum alloys, and other metals
  • Rubber and silicone
  • Aircraft carpeting and upholstery
  • Glass and polycarbonate windows
  • Aviation-grade plastic resins
  • Painted surfaces
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Consult Our Experts & Request A Sample

Modern Chemical prides itself on quality and service. We are a reputable and well-established company that is highly respected in the industry and in the business community. Contact our experts to receive a sample of our products!

What Should Aviation & Aerospace Companies Look for in Cleaning Products?

We offer several products for aerospace:

  • Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner: Highly concentrated heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser
  • Blue Gold Spray Wash: Foam-inhibiting all-purpose cleaner for pressure washers, spray washers, and steam cleaning equipment
  • MC Spray & Wipe: Ready-to-use spray cleaner
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Choose Effective Cleaning for Aerospace Applications

Our aerospace exterior cleaning products boast a trifecta of environmental benefits: they are nontoxic, noncorrosive, and nonflammable, while maintaining low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Trusted by aerospace companies worldwide, our solutions are meticulously designed for a myriad of applications, from cleaning hydraulic system lines and gearboxes to rejuvenating fuselage surfaces and impeller blades. With our products, safety, efficiency, and environmental consciousness converge seamlessly, setting new standards in aerospace maintenance.

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