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Our Products Blue Gold Spray Wash Cleaner

Low Foaming Industrial Degreaser, Cleaner, & Detergent

Blue Gold Spray Wash has a low-to-no foaming property and has many of the characteristics of Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner.

When foaming from your cleaner is a concern or for applications utilizing enclosed spray wash cabinets, Blue Gold Spray Wash (BGSW) is your answer. While Blue Gold Spray Wash has many of the characteristics of Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner (BGIC), the major change is in its low-to-no foaming property. One of the surfactants in BGIC was changed to eliminate foaming, making our low-foaming industrial degreaser and cleaner the perfect choice to use in "closed loop" applications.

01 Removes contaminants & extends the life of the solution

Blue Gold Spray Wash will not foam at temperatures of 120 deg.F. or above and will inhibit foam formation from soils. This low foaming industrial degreaser does not emulsify and after standing without agitation for several hours the oils and greases are allowed to rise to the surface where they can be skimmed off and the particulate material will go to the bottom. (A larger percentage in the contaminants will rise to the surface if the heat if also removed.) In addition to removal of much of the contaminants, this also helps keep the bath clean thereby extending the life of the solution.

02 Appears on the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency list

Blue Gold Spray Wash is composed of non-ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, inorganic builders synthetic detergents, and a glycol ether solvent. All ingredients of our low foaming industrial cleaner appear on the list prepared by the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency TSC Act PL94-469). Blue Gold is 99.3% phosphate free and is not formulated with any of the chemicals listed in 40 CFR 261.

03 Contains absolutely NO silicone defoamers & is completely free-rinsing

This is essential for any post cleaning operation such as painting or phosphatizing. Our low foaming industrial detergent does not contain any metal or metal compounds, no halogenated hydrocarbons, no chlorinated hydrocarbons, no aromatic carbon compounds and no amines or nitrates.

A Superior Value

Blue Gold Spray Wash is highly concentrated and in most applications with good psi, a 2% solution is satisfactory ( 2 gals. BGSW to 100 gals. water). For heavy soil, a 4% solution will be sufficient to clean. Also the better the agitation (psi) the better the cleaning efficiency.

Many tests have been done with Blue Gold Spray Wash. ARP 1755, which tests various metals and ASTM F495 are just two such tests. Copies of these and other tests are available upon request.

Product CodeContainer Sizes
BGSW-55 gal. plastic pails
BGSW-5555 gal. plastic drum
BGSW-275275 gal. tote
BGSW-330330 gal. tote
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Now Approved by the NSF International

Product DescriptionRegistration NumberCategory Code
Blue Gold Spray Wash Cleaner158739A1, A4, A8
  • A1 - Compounds for use as a general cleaner.
  • A4 - Floor and wall cleaners for use in all departments
  • A8 - Degreasers or carbon removers for food cooking or smoking equipment, utensils, or other associated surfaces.

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