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Chemical Cleaner Products for Buses

Keeping bus interiors and exteriors clean helps transportation businesses keep their fleet (and reputation) in excellent condition.

Parts last longer, buses require fewer repairs, and passengers enjoy greater comfort. At Blue Gold by Modern Chemical, we offer a range of powerful, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly chemical cleaners for buses.

Applications & Usage

Get rid of grease, grime, road salt, and other soils quickly, effectively, and safely. Keep your fleet looking spotless inside and out.

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Blue Gold all-purpose cleaners and degreasers support every type of bus:

  • Public transportation (double-deckers, trolleys, articulated buses, and neighborhood bus lines)
  • School buses
  • Motorcoaches
  • Minibuses
  • Shuttle buses
  • Tour buses

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Modern Chemical prides itself on quality and service. We are a reputable and well-established company that is highly respected in the industry and in the business community. Contact our experts to receive a sample of our products!

Why Choose Blue Gold Bus Cleaning Products?

Blue Gold offers many benefits for bus companies.

01 Low VOCs

All of our products are formulated with low volatile organic compounds (less than 0.5% at the recommended dilution), meaning they don’t negatively affect indoor air quality. Using low-VOC chemical cleaners for buses is good for cleaning personnel, passengers, and the environment.

02 Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Buses deal with mud, snow, and rain outside and ground-in dirt inside. Fortunately, Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner comes highly concentrated.

For bus exteriors, wheels, and engine compartments, we recommend a 15 to 1 dilution. This product doesn’t damage pressure washers, sprayers, or garage equipment.

03 Safety

Blue Gold bus cleaning products are safe for your personnel. It’s non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable — safe for skin and enclosed spaces.

04 Versatility

Our bus cleaning products provide exceptional cleaning for virtually all materials: glass, metal, rubber, leather, paint, plastics — even carpeting. Wipe down windows, seats, railings, aisles, headlight covers, tires, and other surfaces.

How Can You Choose the Right Chemical Cleaners for Buses?

Choosing the right chemical cleaners for buses involves several considerations to ensure effectiveness, safety, and compatibility. At Blue Gold by Modern Chemical, we offer tailored solutions for buses, municipal transports, and small businesses worldwide. Our expertise allows us to assist you in selecting the ideal cleaning products based on your specific requirements and the surfaces to be cleaned. Contact us today to discover how our products can meet your needs and enhance the cleanliness and maintenance of your buses.

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