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Heavy Equipment Cleaner & Degreaser

Blue Gold is a powerful heavy equipment cleaner specifically designed for the rigorous demands of construction equipment cleaning. 

Our heavy equipment degreaser's potent formulation effortlessly penetrates and dissolves stubborn caked-on mud, dirt, and grease, ensuring thorough cleaning and surface restoration. What sets Blue Gold apart is its all-purpose industrial formulation, offering versatility by replacing multiple cleaning products. This simplifies cleaning processes, streamlining construction projects and enhancing operational efficiency. With Blue Gold heavy equipment cleaner, construction teams rely on a single, robust solution to maintain equipment in optimal condition, boosting productivity on job sites. Its exceptional cleaning performance and versatility make Blue Gold the go-to choice for construction professionals seeking reliable equipment cleaning solutions.

Safe and Effective Heavy Equipment Cleaner

Blue Gold delivers as a heavy equipment degreaser and cleaner. 

It is environmentally friendly and recyclable, and it meets all OSHA requirements for use on construction sites. Additional highlights of Blue Gold include:

  • Non-corrosive and non-flammable
  • Non-toxic (it's even safe to use around children and pets!)
  • Rust-inhibitive and stable for long-term storage, meaning you won't need special storage conditions
  • 99.3% phosphate free
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One Cleaner, Many Uses

Blue Gold Cleaner stands out as a safe and highly effective solution capable of tackling even the toughest cleaning jobs. Specifically designed as a heavy equipment cleaner, it offers versatility for various cleaning tasks on the job site. Whether removing stubborn dirt, grime, or grease, Blue Gold delivers reliable results while ensuring safety and efficiency.

For those interested in learning more about its safety specifications or placing an order, we encourage you to contact us directly. We're happy to provide detailed safety data sheets and assist with any inquiries or orders you may have. With Blue Gold Cleaner, you can trust a dependable solution for your heavy equipment and other cleaning needs on the job site.

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