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Medical Devices Cleaning Products & Solvents

Make better-informed choices for your medical device cleaning needs with Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner. 

Medical devices are crafted from a diverse range of materials, including ceramics, metals, composites, and polymers. Given their intricate constructions and delicate components, selecting the right cleaning products or solvent is paramount. If you've been looking for cleaning fluids for medical devices, then Blue Gold is the perfect solution for you.

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Make better-informed decisions for your medical device cleaning regimen with Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner. Contact us today to place your order or to learn more about our medical devices cleaning products.

Medical Device Cleaning Solutions

Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner 

Our Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner offers a safe formula and versatile applications, making it an ideal choice for medical device cleaning. Our cleaner is specifically designed to be noncorrosive, nontoxic, and nonflammable, ensuring the safety of sensitive equipment during the cleaning process. Whether you need to hand wipe, spray wash, or utilize ultrasonic tanks, our cleaner delivers exceptional cleaning power without compromising on safety. 

Moreover, Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner is NSF-certified for use on multiple surfaces, making it suitable for various medical settings, from cleaning utensils to medical gas pipelines. While dilution levels may vary based on specific requirements, we typically recommend a 5% dilution of our medical device solvent for most cleaning tasks to achieve optimal results. 

Blue Ribbon Dental Cleaner 

Cleaning is foundational for effective infection control. Removing contaminants, the primary nutrient source for bacteria, is crucial. Without proper cleaning, contaminants persist post-sterilization, fostering bacterial growth. Sterilization alone can't eliminate residual contamination, compromising its efficacy. Blue Ribbon's 1:20 dilution ratio surpasses common solutions, offering superior cleaning at a lower cost. 

Its higher concentration ensures significant cost savings per gallon. Blue Ribbon is the top choice for facilities prioritizing efficacy and affordability in infection control. In conclusion, Blue Ribbon ensures superior cleaning and unmatched cost efficiency, making it the premier solution for infection control standards.

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